About FlexGlobal


A Better Way to Save

 FlexGlobal is a simple, transparent and flexible international savings plan that can be used for regular contributions or lump sum investments or a combination of the two. Investors can access actively managed, risk profiled multi asset solutions, from leading investment managers that include Aberdeen Standard Investments,  AllianceBernstein and BlackRock.  The perfect way to save for a rainy day.


Simple and transparent

FlexGlobal is setup as a Nominee Arrangement that is based in Jersey and administered by Fairway Pension Trustees Limited, part of the Fairway Group. This means that each investor remains the ultimate beneficial owner and in full control of their investments at all times. The FlexGlobal international savings plan can only be accessed through an appropriately regulated financial adviser.


Great value

  FlexGlobal is also an efficient savings plan, with no minimum investment limits and an annual administration fee of just 0.45% per annum, whilst the underlying investment funds cost from just 0.08% per annum. This is in itself quite important, since the less you pay in charges the greater the net return on your investments.


 All FlexGlobal application forms include an optional Jersey Will and in the unfortunate event of your demise this would ensure prompt distribution of your Jersey “movable” Estate to your nominated beneficiaries. This will include your FlexGlobal savings plan, plus any other “non property” assets, such as an offshore bank account or any other investments you may have that are Jersey based. 


FlexGlobal has been jointly developed by Halwyn Marketing Management LLC (or "Halwyn") and Fairway Group (or "Fairway"). Halwyn is responsible for the promotion of FlexGlobal to financial advisers, along with the selection of the investment funds, the associated due diligence and ongoing monitoring of those funds, whilst Fairway is responsible for the administration of the savings plan.

Halwyn is licensed by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority as a financial product Promoter with license number 301040, whilst Fairway is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

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